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Self-contained and 3 point hitch backhoes capable of digging up to 8 feet down, Standard 14" bucket, extra narrower bucket available or can be supplied with one, up to 4000lbs ripping force at the bucket, can slice through up to a 4" oak root. 8hp Briggs&Stratton engine on the self contained model. 3 point hitch model powered by tractor hydraulics or optional PTO hydraulic pump.. Wheels on the self contained model can be swapped to the rear of the machine with no use of jacks, and the unit can be towed with a vehicle. Perfect for the homeowner, plumbers, electricians, farmers, contractors, etc. Will go through as small as a 32" opening with the stabilizers and wheels removed (requires use of dollies). The potential for these machines is unlimited. Never rent a machine again, or start a business cleaning ditches or digging sewers and foundations for thousands less than other commercially available machines. The possibilities are endless. Don't miss out!