Model 808 3 Point Hitch Backhoe Attachment.

Designed for 25hp and up tractors that can handle 1000 lb's on lift arms. Reaches 11 feet, digs up to 9 feet down, 5400 lb's ripping force, 18" bucket standard, down to 6", hydraulic flow required 6gpm. All pivot points have grease fittings and the boom ends and boom pivot have replaceable bushings as well. The bucket has hardened/replaceable teeth and hardened cutting edges for long life. The bucket and cylinder pins are held in place with tabs and bolts so they are easily removeable. All parts; Cylinders, hoses, fittings, controll valve, etc., are standard peices meaning no expensive trips to a specific machine dealer. Model shown is set up for using tractor hydraulics (bottom picture shows 821 self powered model), but can easily be adapted to use a PTO pump. Smaller models are also available for use on machines as small as a garden tractor as well as skid loaders and keep in mind that this machine is easily adaptible for mounting on a skid loader!  Loaders for all sizes of tractors are available as well.

We're located in Windsor, VA about 35 miles west of Norfolk, 1 mile north of intersection of interstate 460 and state hwy 258.

For more information or directions contact Greg Wood at 757-242-6640, or by E-mail at

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